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Have a nice day! 16.05.2022 18:40
Warriors of Faeo! The holidays are over, but the fun continues! Today we want to wish you: [[art33614ctext]]Till 18:00 19.05 you'll receive [[art33614ctext]] just for logging into the game!
Have a nice day, warriors!
Win rare cards! 16.05.2022 13:00
Defenders of Faeo! The Premium shop owners decided to please the warriors: different card sets have just appeared on the shelves, covered with soft velvet. Hurry up to purchase them with a discount of up to 23%!

Owners of [[art1004070ctext]] can receive up to 3 random rare cards from a total of 40 rare cards!
Besides this, after purchasing [[art28291ctext]] you will receive 1 Banker's Receipt as a bonus. You may exchange 2 Banker's Receipt for [[art32879ctext]] in the Premium Shop!
Don't miss this chance, since you will only have it until the 23:59 18.05!
Till 23:59 18.05 you will receive an additional rewards for every 100  you spend in Premium Shop:
Play the decks for rare cards!
Gifts for Diamonds Purchase 16.05.2022 12:00
Diamonds, that shine under the rays of Mirrow, are rightfully considered to be the most valuable currency of the world of Faeo. Warriors with the handful of diamonds can open many doors, and tradesmen will be glad to offer rarest goods. Now you can receive valuable and important goods for the mere fact of purchasing diamonds, without actually spending them!

Warriors! Starting from today and till 23:59 22.05 when purchasing diamonds, during the special offer, you will receive gifts! There are 10 valuable gifts, which you will receive one by one for each  40 you buy.

IMPORTANT! You can now do that in multiple purchases - your reward will unlock after the sum of your purchases is greater than 40! After receiving one prize, you will receive the next one after purchasing another 40 diamonds in total. Remember that you don't have to spend the diamonds to get the rewards!
Hurry - this offer is limited in time!
Jesters' Event - Welcome to Las WoDas! 15.05.2022 13:00

Welcome to Las WoDas! For the next few days, Faeo will go crazy. Blinking slot machines, hot shows and flashing lights will rule the capitals of our world!



  Jesters wish you the best of luck !   

Magic storm in Arena! 13.05.2022 17:00
Inhabitants of Faeo are already used to the fact that magical anomalies sometimes occur in various battlefields and change their rules radically. These anomalies are called magic storms. Right now a Magical Storm broke out in the Arena!

Fights on the arena will be held 1 on 1 to score 3 points! Additionally, the storm causes the appearance of [[art31706ctext]]s and [[art31707ctext]]s in all battles.

[[npc107]] [[npc106]]
But that's not all! This time, for a victory in the Arena, you will receive from 50 to 700 reputation as trophy hunters (depending on your level), as well as 3 tokens [[art33790ctext]].

Don't be discouraged if you fail! For 
participation, you will also receive a reputation as a trophy hunter, in the amount of 5 to 70 (depending on your level), as well as 1 [[art33790ctext]].

The reward for victory OR defeat can be received up to 
3 times a day!

You will also have double valor and no-break during the event on Arena!
 And for the battles to be even more fascinating, the sale of valuable items has began in the Premium Shop. It will last until 11:00 16.05.
Prove that you are a winner, no matter the rules!
Celestial Empowerment: Spider Patriarch 13.05.2022 16:00
Astrologers look with curiosity into the starry distance, because the celestial bodies are lined up in a previously unknown constellation, resembling in its outline .. a huge Spider!?

Mothers hug their babies and lock themselves in their homes. Warriors polish their armor and sharpen their blades. After all, a trip to the lair of the dangerous is a matter of honor. And after defeating a dangerous monster, you will receive a worthy reward: for the first victory over the enemy, you will receive [[art34813ctext]], and for subsequent victories - [[art34861ctext]].

[[art34813_1]] [[art34861_5]]
  • You will be able to fight the Celestial version of the Spider Patriarch  in the Kretches' Lair, located in the  Free Meadows or in the  Smoky Hills;
  • The battle with the Celestial version of the Spider Patriarch is available for players who have reached level 3;
  • During the event, you can get [[art34813ctext]] once, and [[art34861ctext]] up to five times.
Face the unpredictable and formidable Spider Patriarch​,
show what you are capable of!
One-Armed Bandit News 13.05.2022 15:00
One-Armed Bandit is back!

Until 15.05 23:59 the bandit will have special rules! This time participants will enjoy good news: the maximum jackpot size is increased to  2000!

Rewards for Jackpot:
Bandit 1 Bandit 2
[[art1004491_1]] [[art32879_2]]

Play and win!
Lucky Investment! 13.05.2022 12:00
Brave defenders of Ogriy and Khair! Bankers of Faeo have good news for all those who wish to use their services and replenish their diamond balance!
From 12:00 13.05 and until 23:59 15.05 after replenishing your balance with  50,  100 or  200, you will receive a certificate, corresponding the replenished amount.
Replenish account by 50 in total
Replenish account by 100 in total [[art1004854_1]][[art32879_1]][[art29756_3]][[art33062_5]][[art33089_4]][[art30245_100]]
Replenish account by 200 in total [[art1004855_1]][[art28291_1]][[art1004489_1]][[art23470_10]][[art33089_6]][[art30245_150]]
                       *read note
*[[art33089ctext]] - are non-transferable​!
Use this chance to increase your wealth!
Hunters Trade Fair of Wonders 12.05.2022 17:30
UPD: All restrictions have been reset!

What is that unusual noise that is heard on the Trade Fairs of both capitals? A squeak of bend wood, melodious sound of bowstring, a whistle of flying bows… No, that is not the exchange of fire with the enemy, that is customers trying out newly arrived goods. Hunters Fair of Wonders has started in the World of Faeo!
Also, during the Fair for each  150 or  100 spent in the Fair Shop, you'll receive 2 [[art5782ctext]], 7 [[art30245ctext]], 1 [[art1003836ctext]], 1 [[art1004645ctext]], 1 [[art1004644ctext]] in addition to regular rewards!  1.00 equal    50


The Fair will be open till​ 13.05, 23:59
Enjoy the fair, warriors!
Clan Wars have ended! 11.05.2022 16:00
A terrible rumble carries the name of the brotherhood that has won the seventh season of the Clans Wars through the expanses of Faeo! For several months the clans have fought, watering the earth with splashes of blood and lava to earn the right to a worthy reward.
[[npc282]] [[npc281]]
The prize pool has reached: 13 760!

The winner of the 7th Season of Clan Wars is
 Hostilis Humanis [20].

You can receive a blessing from The Archivists untill 23:59, 11.06.2022.
The blessing is valid for 30 days from the date it was received.

Please note: the leader of the winning clan needs to contact technical support to draw an individual clan gift, style ring or style amulet of their choice.​

Enjoy the well-deserved rest and be ready for the coming battles!

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