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December - Winter Time in Faeo 01.12.2021 13:00
With each new day it is becoming colder in  Ogriy and  Khair. Streets and fields are already covered with the thick layer of snow, fluffy snowdrifts are appearing everywhere.
Warriors, like small kids, are making snowballs and throw them at passerbies, those who do not like fun make gifts from icicles and give them to everybody. It is winter time in the world of Faeo. 
Let winter time bring you luck and high spirits!
Luck Glow 01.12.2021 11:00

The elders that restlessly observe the  Well of Fortune and  Mouth of Fortune in the continents' capitals brought good news to the people of Faeo. They found out that now and then the fire in the bottomless split burns brighter than usual, while the calm water of the well is covered by impenetrable fog. 

Since 01.11 11:00 everyone who throws  1, 5, 1 or 5 in the altars of the fate, might attract the attention of the higher forces and receive quite a real reward: ranging from regular elixirs to unique armor.
Also. during this event, when donating gold coins or precious stones to the gods, the following bonuses shall apply:
  • x2 reward for donating 1 gold coin or x4 reward, after exchanging 100 or 250 certificate:
  • x2 reward for donating 5 gold coins or x4 reward, after exchanging 100 or 250 certificate:
  • x2 reward for donating 1 diamond or x4 reward, after exchanging 100 or 250 certificate:
  • x2 reward for donating 5 diamonds or x4 reward, after exchanging 100 or 250 certificate.

Attention! With every donation of  gold coins or  diamonds, you increase your chance of earning the [[art3729ctext]] !

Don't miss the moment when Luck Glow shines over Faeo!
Gifts for Diamonds Purchase 29.11.2021 10:00
Diamonds, that shine under the rays of Mirrow, are rightfully considered to be the most valuable currency of the world of Faeo. Warriors with the handful of diamonds can open many doors, and tradesmen will be glad to offer rarest goods. Now you can receive valuable and important goods for the mere fact of purchasing diamonds, without actually spending them!

Warriors! Starting from today and till 23:59 05.12 when purchasing diamonds, during the special offer, you will receive gifts! There are 10 valuable gifts, which you will receive one by one for each  20 you buy.

IMPORTANT! You can now do that in multiple purchases - your reward will unlock after the sum of your purchases is greater than 20! After receiving one prize, you will receive the next one after purchasing another 20 diamonds in total. Remember that you don't have to spend the diamonds to get the rewards!
Hurry - this offer is limited in time!
One-Armed Bandit News 26.11.2021 17:00
One-Armed Bandit is back!

Until 28.11 23:59 the bandit will have special rules! This time participants will enjoy good news: jackpot speed is 2 times bigger, and the maximum jackpot size is increased to  2000!

Rewards for Jackpot:
Play and win
Magic storm in Arena! 26.11.2021 16:00
Inhabitants of Faeo are already used to the fact that magical anomalies sometimes occur in various battlefields and change their rules radically. These anomalies are called magic storms. Right now a Magical Storm broke out in the Arena!

Fights on the arena will be held 1 on 1 to score 3 points! Additionally, the storm causes the appearance of [[art31706ctext]]s and [[art31707ctext]]s in all battles.

[[npc107]] [[npc106]]
But that's not all! This time, for a victory in the Arena, you will receive from 50 to 700 reputation as trophy hunters (depending on your level), as well as 3 tokens [[art33790ctext]].

Don't be discouraged if you fail! For 
participation, you will also receive a reputation as a trophy hunter, in the amount of 5 to 70 (depending on your level), as well as 1 [[art33790ctext]].

The reward for victory OR defeat can be received up to 
3 times a day!

Restrictions on purchases in the Premium Shop have been updated!
You will also have double valor and no-break during the event on Arena!
Prove that you are a winner, no matter the rules!
Event Rewards Shop and November Bags 26.11.2021 14:00

Thanks to the bravery and decisiveness on the defenders of the World of Faeo undead army with its insidious leader, Chion Warlock, was defeated.


~countblock~ ~countblock~ ~countblock~ ~countblock~ ~countblock~ ~countblock~


Warriors who tirelessly helped to defend the world of Faeo and deserved a bunch of [[art13773ctext]], will be able to exchange them for valuable rewards at the City Fairs.



You can exchange [[art13773ctext]] for various rewards till December 10, 12:00!

It is time to exchange [[art13773ctext]] for valuable and useful artifacts!

Bankers generosity! 26.11.2021 13:00
Warriors! Replenish your account with diamonds and receive rewards that many Ogriy and Khair inhabitants dream of!
 Sum:    Reward:
When replenishing 100 [[art28142_1]][[art33062_7]][[art35649_1]][[art30245_50]]
When replenishing 200 [[art28142_2]][[art23470_10]][[art35649_2]][[art30245_100]]
When replenishing 300 [[art28142_3]][[art33062_14]][[art35649_3]][[art30245_150]]

The offer will last till 28.11, 23:59.

Use this profitable opportunity to become stronger!
Diamond Certificates 26.11.2021 12:01
Diamonds – are a very sought-after currency that lets any warrior purchase unique and valuable goods.
Defenders of  Ogriy and  Khair! You have a unique opportunity to purchase Diamond Certificates from a Certificates Merchant on the Fairgrounds. Bankers will only sell a limited amount of certificates in one hands. City authorities already announced that you would be able to sell these certificates on Auction and Exchange.
Pay attention! Power Leveling Thresholds are not applied when selling diamond certificates: seller sets a price according to the demand on the item.
The certificates will be on sale till 28.11 23:59.
Sometimes in order to sell something at a good price,
one has to purchase something at a good price - good luck!
Exotic Fair of Wonders 26.11.2021 12:00
What is that unusual noise that is heard on the Trade Fairs of both capitals? A squeak of bend wood, melodious sound of bowstring, a whistle of flying bows… No, that is not the exchange of fire with the enemy, that is customers trying out newly arrived goods. Exotic Fair of Wonders has started in the World of Faeo!

Exotic Fair will be open till 28.11 23:59
Also, until 28.11 23:59 for every  100 diamonds or  200 gold at the Exotic Fair of Wonders you will receive 1 [[art35649ctext]], 1 Small Lost Hero’s Bag, 5 [[art2201ctext]], 45 [[art30245ctext]] and 10 [[art5782ctext]]!

Enjoy the fair, warriors!
Black Friday returns to Faeo! 26.11.2021 11:00
Warriors! Merchants of the world of Faeo respect the Black Friday tradition and want to offer you the appropriate offer. Starting this Friday 26th of November and until 28th, 23:59, the prices on many of the items in the Premium Shop will drop to a minimum and you will find elixirs and more than 3000 items with discounts of up to 85%! Also, take a look at the new section in the shop - Incredible goods:
Keep in mind that for each  50 spent on purchases in this shop, you still will receive 50 [[art30245ctext]], 4 [[art33089ctext]], 1 [[art24421ctext]], 1 [[art21174ctext]] and 1 [[art35649ctext]]!
One just can not miss a Black Friday!
Premium Shop is waiting for you!
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