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Scavenger Hunt! 22.10.2021 18:00

Are you up for a new challenge? Jesters invite you to take part on their version of a Scavenger Hunt!



On your marks …  get set … SOLVE!

Magic storm on Plateau! 22.10.2021 17:00
Mages of Faeo haven't yet finished investigating the magic storms in different parts of the world, when a similar storm has already broken out on Ancient Plateau!
The only, but very significant change that the storm has brought into the usual battle rules on the Ancient Plateau is the inability to use most of the negative effects on the enemies in the above mentioned battlefields! But if one already has a negative effect on their character, it will not prevent them from visiting these!


Also, you will get 14 [[art1004487ctext]] after teleporting on Plateu by clicking on !
You will also have no-break during the Magical Storm!
   Until 11:00 on October 25, the amount of reputation of the participant in Great Battles will be increased by 50%.
Ready to meet the changed rules fully armed?
Will you have enough courage?
Double Fair is here! 22.10.2021 15:00
«Faeo warriors need help!» Is exactly what the merchants have thought, so they put unique goods on sale. These curiosities will not only please visitors with their beauty, but will also greatly enhance the power of those who acquire them. 
~countblock~ ~countblock~ ~countblock~ ~countblock~~countblock~~countblock~
~countblock~ ~countblock~ ~countblock~ ~countblock~~countblock~~countblock~

Also, during the Fair for each  150 or  100 spent in the Fair Shop, you'll receive 2 [[art5782ctext]], 7 [[art30245ctext]], 1 [[art1003836ctext]], 1 [[art1004645ctext]], 1 [[art1004644ctext]] in addition to regular rewards!  1.00 equal    50


Take a look at the new Incredible goods tab, here you may find a lot of wonderful items with 14% off!
The Fair will be open till​ 24.10, 23:59
Enjoy the fair, warriors!
October - Autumnal Horrors 22.10.2021 14:00

Swirling above disturbed graves and moaning wildly, cemetery ghosts are making promises of dreadful fun for the vile undead, who are gazing at them with their empty eye sockets and stretching their bones after lying still for so long in the damp ground. Skeletons, zombies, bodiless spirits and other representatives of the dark forces will not want to miss a chance to run the show in Faeo and scare its inhabitants during Nightmare Week. The locals however, fearfully await the Night of the Grinning Pumpkin and hope that charms and brave warriors will be able to protect them from the mischief of the undead.


You just won’t have time to get bored during Nightmare Week! We hope you have fun and win many trophies!

Bankers generosity! 22.10.2021 13:00
Warriors! Replenish your account with diamonds and receive rewards that many Ogriy and Khair inhabitants dream of!
 Sum:    Reward:
*Read note
*Read note
**Read note
**Read note
**Read note

* - From the [[art1004534ctext]] you will receive a transmitted [[art28142ctext]]

** -  [[art28142ctext]] and [[art1004489ctext]] are transmitted 

The offer will last till 24.10, 23:59.

Use this profitable opportunity to become stronger!
Magic Moulds bring additional rewards! 22.10.2021 12:00
Experienced warriors of course know about the value of Magic Moulds, which can be purchased at a Weaponsmithy and Premium shop. These moulds are imbued with the power of symbols of the Otherworld, which can enhance your weapons and armour.

However, in the coming days, this will not be their only wonderful property! You will be able to receive additional rewards for using Magic Moulds. 
Strengthen your equipment:
- 50 moulds - receive a Random ephemeral deck 2 pcs
- 100 moulds - receive [[art21440ctext]] 5 pcs
- 150 moulds – receive [[art20007ctext]] 25 pcs
- 200 moulds - receive [[art33062ctext]] 7 pcs
- 250 moulds – receive [[art9257ctext]] 2 pcs
- 500 moulds - receive [[art28142ctext]] 2 pcs
- 1000 moulds - receive [[art31012ctext]], [[art33283ctext]] and an unique achievement:
But hurry up warriors - such miracles will not last forever! The additional rewards will be available until 23:59 on 24.10.
May the magic of the mysterious Otherworld bring you good luck!
Wheel of Fortune! 20.10.2021 12:00
Wheel of Fortune promises wealth and fortune, but its behaviour is unpredictable! Are you ready to challenge the spirits of luck?
The Wheel of Fortune will be operating till 24.10 23:59

Turn the Wheel of Fortune, warriors! Receive bonuses to your diamonds exchange!
Gifts for Diamonds Purchase 18.10.2021 12:00
Diamonds, that shine under the rays of Mirrow, are rightfully considered to be the most valuable currency of the world of Faeo. Warriors with the handful of diamonds can open many doors, and tradesmen will be glad to offer rarest goods. Now you can receive valuable and important goods for the mere fact of purchasing diamonds, without actually spending them!

Warriors! Starting from today and till 23:59 24.10 when purchasing diamonds, during the special offer, you will receive gifts! There are 10 valuable gifts, which you will receive one by one for each  40 you buy.

IMPORTANT! You can now do that in multiple purchases - your reward will unlock after the sum of your purchases is greater than 40! After receiving one prize, you will receive the next one after purchasing another 40 diamonds in total. Remember that you don't have to spend the diamonds to get the rewards!
Hurry - this offer is limited in time!
Diamond Certificates 16.10.2021 11:00
Update: Purchase restrictions have been reset.

Diamonds – are a very sought-after currency that lets any warrior purchase unique and valuable goods.
Defenders of  Ogriy and  Khair! You have a unique opportunity to purchase Diamond Certificates from a Certificates Merchant on the Fairgrounds. Bankers will only sell a limited amount of certificates in one hands. City authorities already announced that you would be able to sell these certificates on Auction and Exchange.
Pay attention! Power Leveling Thresholds are not applied when selling diamond certificates: seller sets a price according to the demand on the item.
The certificates will be on sale till 17.10 23:59.
Sometimes in order to sell something at a good price,
one has to purchase something at a good price - good luck!
Have a nice day! 15.10.2021 18:00
Warriors of Faeo! The cold autumn wind is howling in the streets. Today we want to wish you: [[art1004113ctext]]Till 23:59 17.10 you'll receive [[art1004113ctext]] just for logging into the game!
Have a nice day, warriors!
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